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Phillips 66 LogoA 24/7 self-serve fuel island is located at the historic Ford Hangar (west end of main ramp) offering Phillips 66 aviation fuels at competitive prices.  Current Self-Serve Fuel Prices.

Midwest Business Center located at 3259 Airport Dr., Unit 1, provides Fixed Based Operations support to visiting aircraft, passengers, flight crews and corporate flight operations.


WCA-logoWindy City Aero located at 3259 Airport Drive, Unit 2,  offers aircraft repairs, maintenance and marshaling. (708) 251-5818 or on 123.3


MidwesMidwest Aersopace Logot Aerospace  along  with CAPSCO International, their MRO facility in Tuscon, AZ, supplies overseas military and civilian customers  with U.S. made aircraft parts, avionics and engines from the 3259 Airport Drive building.

The Airport offers Tie-downs, T-Hangers and Communal Hangar Stalls. The X_Hangar Icon_Xavailability of T-Hangars and Stalls are limited and there is a waiting list to fill vacancies when available. Please contact the Airport Office at (708) 418-5888 for inquiries.

Tie DownsT-HangarsStalls
$47$215 to $483$125 to $175