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With its easily accessible location that spans nearly 640 acres, the Lansing Municipal Airport provides plenty of opportunities and potential building sites for Aviation Oriented Business, Corporate Hangars or even  campus type Industrial/Technology Park developments.  Please review the IGQ ALP for dimensions, locations and access points including the improved North Quadrant site at Wentworth Avenue; the proposed Joe Orr Rd. extension; and other planned airport improvements.  Additional information regarding airport expansions and improvements is available at IGQ Development and Airport Information .

Also, IGQ straddles the Illinois-Indiana state line and, of the Airport’s approximately 395 acres of land available for development, approximately 20 acres are in Lake County, Indiana, with the remainder (+/- 375 acres), in Cook Cook County, Illinois.  Accordingly, interested parties should note that privately owned or leased buildings on airport property in Cook County, Illinois, are assessed a Cook County leasehold tax.  The Village of Lansing and the Airport will partner with interested parties to minimize tax implications through creative development strategies and terms including site licenses and concession agreements if doing so is both feasible and in the public interest.  Please Contact the Airport Office for further inquiries or to discuss opportunities for development.

Current Opportunities and Solicitations


Please check back for proposal documents and submittal instructions.